5 Important Spots to go Sightseeing in Monclova

June 22, 2016
Monclova is located in the state of Coahuila, México. It was founded in 1689, and it is considered the steel capital of the country; as a consequence of its important in the industrial development, it is visited mainly by business travelers, here they can find the most contemporary business and tourist services: great museum, fine cuisine and recreational activities. Amid Monclova main attractions are historic buildings such as: Ermita de Zapopan Church It was seriously damaged during the Mexican Revolution, but it keeps conserving original pieces, like the bells of its walls. It was restored at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The Coahuila- Texas Museum It was original built as the Royal Hospital; later on, it served as a jail famously known for holding Miguel Hidalgo and his troops during the Mexican Independence. Currently, it is the house of the Municipal Archives, a permanent exhibit of regional history and seasonal exposition. Pape Museum Library This art and cultural center -promoted by the Pape Foundation, has offered seasonal expositions with artist. Its permanent exhibition shows the art of the couple Harold and Lou Pape. Next to it you will find the Harold R. Pape Library; this contemporary and interactive concept offers, a bibliographic heritage of 110,000 books complemented with a cultural video library. Meteorological observatory This observatory is the biggest in the state, it is capable of magnifying the brightness of any star up to 3,000 times. It mixes a modern video system that shows live images of the sun, the moon and the planets. If you find yourself traveling to this amazing destination, reserve your stay at Best Western Go Inn or Best Western Plus Aeropuerto Monclova-Frontera. Enjoy the beautiful desert landscape while relaxing in the swimming pool, and to start your day the best way possible, exercise at the state-of-the-art gym facilities. For more information, visit our website or call 01 800 904 75 00. Photo credit: gotravelaz.com