Cabo Pulmo, the best kept secret in the Mar de Cortez

June 06, 2016
Located right on the Tropic of Cancer, it is one of the areas of the Gulf of California. Its name goes back to distant times when the locals went ,their breath for several meters. Their diversity of marine species is surprising, and you can find the only coral reef in the Pacific Ocean - it is considered one of the oldest reefs with twenty thousand years old. It was declared Natural Protected Area a little more than a decade ago, and it has gradually become one of the best destinations for diving, snorkeling and kayaking internationally. What differentiates it from other areas, is that its depth is greater and it is richer in nutrients. If you want to practice these sports in the area, you can hire diving or snorkeling tours, who will take you to the best areas for these water activities. Also, the beaches offer a unique experience for those who enjoy long and quiet walks. Undoubtedly, visiting Cabo Pulmo is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the different species of fish that inhabit the Gulf of California, plus it offers one of the calmest atmospheres that will disconnect from your routine. If you decide to visit this beautiful place, stay at Best Western Airport in Los Cabos and combine relaxation with an excellent service. The hotel is located just 3 minutes away from the International Airport and just 2 hours from Cabo Pulmo. For more information about how to reserve, please visit our website or call 01 800 904 7500 Cabo Pulmo Photo credit: