Chiapas and Its Rich Cuisine

August 23, 2016
Chiapas is one of the Mexican states with the greatest cultural wealth, and its gastronomy proves it, the variety of dishes that can be sampled in each of its cities makes this state a perfect destination for food lovers. The cuisine is quite different from state to state, however, there are dishes that can be found throughout Chiapas like tamales chipilín, plantains with cream and cheese or hot chocolate. As for the dishes and ingredients, as one advances towards the Highlands and the weather turns colder, the typical food also changes. In San Cristobal, you will find a kitchen with plenty of Spanish influence, such as stuffed bread, typical sweets and desserts with high calorific value helping to withstand the low temperatures in the region. In the main square of Chiapa de Corzo, you can taste the freshest pozol with regios huevos chimbos. At Comitan, try the saffron tamales and the bread yolk animals. If you visit Tonala and Puerto Arista, try the Chiapaneca eggs, shrimp omelets or patties dogfish. Soconusco has an amazing vegetation, here they grow cocoa, coffee, bananas, sweet potatoes, cashews and rice; also they fish a variety of seafood such as snapper, sea bass and shrimp. Do you want to try it? Visit Chiapas and discover its wonderful cuisine. To improve your culinary visit, stay at the Best Western hotel, La Noria, and enjoy the delicious menu that our executive chef has prepared for you. For more information, call 01800904 7500.