Ready for the harvest festivities in Mexico?

July 05, 2016
Between July and August, the vines are loaded with bunches of ripe grapes giving way to the harvest season, and eventually to the harvest festivities. In our country, they are celebrated with several parties in different states. For farmers who grow grapes, this is very important since it is how the effort of a whole year is reflected, during this period they give thanks to good harvests. The origin of this celebration comes from Ancient Greece, as a rite of peace and pleasure to worship Dionysus (God of the grape). During these parties, you will find guided tours through the vineyards and wineries of different wine houses; it will help you appreciate the process of making wine. Also, you will have the chance to enjoy tastings, concerts, dinners and shows. Each vineyard has its charm, so the best is to visit each state and try all the wines. Baja California The Valle de Guadalupe organizes two weeks full of wine festivities. Some agencies organize visits to vineyards and wine cellars, wine samples, tastings, as well as workshops with gala dinners and interesting musical offerings. Some of the famous vineyards found in the region are Monte Xanic, L.A. Cetto, Cros de Tres Cantos, El Cielo and Hacienda Guadalupe. Querétaro The wine ceremonies are held in the Finza Sala Vivé and offers a vast list of entertainment and cultural activities. Enjoy tastings organized by sommeliers, you will also have the chance participate in the traditional treading of the grapes. Guanajuato The festivities of the vineyard Cuna de Tierra are organized in Dolores Hidalgo. Each edition has a different theme making it very peculiar. Here you may enjoy wine tastings pairings and live shows. Do not dare to miss this season and organize a visit to each vineyard of Mexico. Stay at any Best Wester’s hotels and enjoy an unparalleled service, for more information or to reserve, please call 01800 904 7500.