Visiting the Surroundings of Guatemala City

August 23, 2016
What can you expect from Guatemala City? It is a fast-paced city, with a vast industry and commerce production, it offers few attractions to entertain the visitor, although it is a must-stop in order to understand the culture and traditions. It is surrounded by hills and volcanic cones, it is also one of the biggest cities in Central America, holding more than four million people. You will find it the country’s center of power, politics and wealth. Its Centro Histórico is a vibrant spot with restored building, new cafés and bars for the younger people. On the other hand, Antigua is everything that Guatemala City is not: nostalgic, tranquil and artsy. It is the most impressive colonial city of the country with an incredible colonial architecture. It is perfect to be explored on foot; its cobbled streets, churches and grand houses transport you to the Colonial Era. You will find that its beautiful surroundings are full of volcanoes, pine forests, and coffee farms. If you enjoy hiking, you can’t miss the opportunity of climbing the Volcán of Pacaya and the volcanoes of Agua and Acatenango- which are fairly close to these two cities. Moreover, you will find plenty of interesting villages around the area, like Jocotengo which has museums devoted to the coffee production and Maya music, or the only Maya ruin, Mixco Viejo, with a breathtaking flora view. Definitely Guatemala has endless places to visit that will capture your wander eye, but in order to enjoy your trip, you have to stay in a place with a top service. Best Western’s Plus Hotel Stofella is an excellent option for the travelers who want to spend a great time in Guatemala City. For more information, call 01 800 904 7500. Photo credit: