BEST WESTERN, your friendly hotel chain,
For BEST WESTERN, travel agents are natural distributors
naturales, whose professionalism and experience are irreplaceable
in the tourist industry.

BEST WESTERN understands its dealings with travel agents as a solid business relationship, keeping the commitment to care and inform efficiently and fast from the largest chain of independent hotels in the world.

According to the excellent relations it has had with the producer and tourist distribution sector for more than 60 years of presence in the international market, BEST WESTERN is proud to be a preferred supplier for travel agencies, respecting their valuable role of intermediary services and ensuring at all times their fees for their cooperation.

If you are a travel agent, wholesaler or retailer, specializing in holiday or business traffic, you want to know in detail the programs that our chain offers, please contact us to provide you all kinds of information.

If you want to always have on hand this information, contact us

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Best Cheque™

Reap the benefits of the BEST WESTERN commission global program.

Best Cheque ™ gives travel agents more reasons to make reservations for their customers in any of the more than 4,200 Best Western hotels worldwide.

Who qualifies?

Approved travel agents worldwide by IATA / ARC / TIDS and Best Western pseudo-IATA.

Program Benefits

All rates are commissionable (except for indicated net rates, some specially negotiated group, rate plans or travel agent discounts).

The commission payments are guaranteed by BEST WESTERN for a period of up to six months after the date of departure.

How does it work?

BEST WESTERN guarantees a commission to all internationally approved travel agents.

If a reservation is registered by the GDS using the access code "BW" on the BEST WESTERN Reservation Center, travel agents will receive a consolidated monthly statement that lists every reservation by property, and pays all commissions in only one check.