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“Let’s go and enjoy the National Silver Fair in Taxco”
If you want to buy silver jewelry, handicrafts and all kinds of objects made of this precious metal, look no furthe[...]
5 reasons to visit Veracruz
If you are thinking about planning your next travel to a beach city, here we give you 5 reasons why you have to vis[...]
Barrancas del Cobre, named for their copper color, is an experience you must visit at least once in your life.
What to do during your next visit to Mazamitla?
In Mazamitla you will find the perfect destination for your next weekend adventure.
Discover how to celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico
One of the most recognized and outstanding traditions of Mexican culture is undoubtedly the Day of the Dead celebra[...]
Wine Tourism: Get to know the best Mexican wines
If you are a wine lover, visiting a vineyard can be an excellent activity to get to know more about this drink.
Discover the meaning behind the names of every state in Mexico
have you asked yourself the meaning behind the names of every state in Mexico?
These are the most iconic buildings in Mexico City
Mexico City is the first place in America with the largest number of places declared as World Cultural Heritage by [...]
Get to know the first hotel in Mexico that has its own brewery
A few days ago, in the city of Creel, in the state of Chihuahua, the Pies Ligeros beer was presented
The 5 best places to celebrate the Cry of Independence in Mexico
The most patriotic month of the year has come, and along with it also the traditional festivities to celebrate the [...]
See the places in Mexico most shared on Instagram
To visit Mexico is to know a country full of fascinating contrasts. From north to south, Mexico offers unparalleled[...]
The history of a country can be told through its culture and its traditions, which at the same time are featured, a[...]
How to save money on your next road trip
We’ve created a list of tips to save money while going on a road trip, which might help you to plan your trip and[...]
Find out where the landscapes printed on Mexican bills are located
In each of the six denominations of Mexican banknotes we can find landscapes on the back of each bill.
6 reasons to fall in love with a traveler
Knowing a person who travels is fascinating, because they provoke such a magnetism that few of us can resist.