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Find out where the landscapes printed on Mexican bills are located
In each of the six denominations of Mexican banknotes we can find landscapes on the back of each bill.
6 reasons to fall in love with a traveler
Knowing a person who travels is fascinating, because they provoke such a magnetism that few of us can resist.
Fall in love with Mexico by following these 6 Instagram profiles
Instagram is a great window for travelers, whom through this app, share captures of the most incredible places in t[...]
July is the month of La Guelaguetza in Oaxaca
This July it’s the 84th edition of the most representative tradition in the state of Oaxaca, La Guelaguetza or so[...]
Take your mind and body to the limit this August in Spartan Race
For those who love sports, adrenaline and running, experience this August an event that will let you know that livi[...]
Puebla’s Talavera: pride of Mexico
Many handicrafts are made in Mexico, but none as representative as Puebla’s talavera.
Taxco’s International Movie Show
The third International Movie Show of Taxco is celebrated this year, an event organized by the cultural collective [...]
Hollywood movies filmed in Mexico
Our beautiful country has been stage in various occasions for different Hollywood movies. Thanks to its great diver[...]
Discover Tlaquepaque
Very close to the city of Guadalajara is San Pedro Tlaquepaque, one of the cities with the most artisan tradition a[...]
The Basalt Prisms in Hidalgo
One of the most surprising natural corners of Mexico and that very few people know are in the state of Hidalgo, onl[...]
Cheese and Wine Fair in Tequisquiapan
You still have time to go to the beautiful Magic Village of Tequisquiapan to enjoy the Cheese and Wine Fair.
Magic Towns of Mexico
The Magic Towns of Mexico are named so because of their archaeological zones, their new-Hispanic constructions, and[...]
A tour through the lagoons of Puebla
Mexico is a country with great natural diversity, an example of which is Puebla, one of the states with a privilege[...]
5 places to celebrate Children’s Day
we give you 5 great options where the little ones of the family can enjoy their big day.
Visit Paseo de los Gigantes in Puebla
Get to know one of the most iconic places in the world at the Paseo de los Gigantes in Puebla, located inside Const[...]