5 Amazing Things to Do in Guanajuato

August 25, 2016
First time visiting the picturesque city of Guanajuato? This UNESCO recognized city offers brightly colored buildings, great plazas, art galleries and churches, as well as a great temperature, friendly people and several things to do in this pretty Mexican place. So, let’s start! The Mummy Museum As a consequence to the big amount of clay and limestone in the grounds, the ancient bodies mummified. The museum houses over 100 mummified bodies, from babies to old people; some visitors may feel a little ease about the exhibition of these mummies, nevertheless it is a very interesting museum, worth the visit. Listen to the symphony You will find some theaters in the city, Teatro Principal offers performances and events weekly, usually from February to June. The symphony is a great night out plan, tickets are 80 pesos and the show lasts for two hours. El Callejon del Beso (The Alley of the Kiss) The name of this alleyway come from a Romeo-Juliet type of story, two young people lived across the alley, the girl’s father forbade their relationship. The lane is so narrow, the balconies can almost touched, allowing the young couple to kiss in secret. The legend says that if you kiss with partner on the red step, you will have 7 years of good luck with your partner. Visit Diego Rivera’s Home This famous Mexican painter’s house has become a museum you can explore and take a look to his real home. Some great artwork is exhibit here from Rivera and other modern artists. Visit the Alhóndiga de Granaditas This building is a historical one, it has used as many things but eventually became a fortress for the Spaniards. This is an important spot for the country’s history, this was the place of the first victory over the Spaniards during the War of Independence. Guanajuato is an incredible place with plenty of great place to see and visit, although it is way better when you visit it for yourself. If you visit Guanajuato, stay at the Best Western Plus Plaza Florida & Tower at Irapuato, where you will find the best prices and best service. For more information, call 01800 904 7500. Photo credit: ecocolorstours.com