5 Typical Dishes One Must Try when Visiting Guanajuato

July 25, 2016
Guanajuato offers a variety of typical and delicious dishes for all lovers of good food, from dishes inspired by the ancestors to gourmet delights that will make you feel in paradise. Guacamayas They are bread with red sauce and guacamole. They are stuffed with pork rinds, cueritos, cucumber, sauce, lemon and salt; you can eat it as a snack or between meals. Enchiladas mineras Its name comes from the time when Guanajuato was a mining town. The wives of the workers would leave delicious enchiladas, which consist of fried tortillas stuffed with cheese and dipped in guajillo sauce with potatoes and carrots. Pacholas It is a well-known dish in Guanajuato consisting of ground meat accompanied by salad or mashed potatoes. Caldo de oso It is one of the typical cravings of the city of Leon consists of a glass of fruit with jicama, cucumber and pineapple cooked with pineapple vinegar, lemon, pepper, salt and cheese. You eat it between meals. Cebadina This is a refreshing drink made of pineapple vinegar which you add tamarind and Jamaica, allowed to stand in an oak barrel with some calcium carbonate. You can find in cars and restaurants in the center of Leon. For something sweet, Guanajuato also offers an amazing array of desserts like the traditional strawberries and cream from Irapuato. If you visit Guanajuato, stay at the Plus Plaza Florida & Tower at Irapuato, where you will find the best prices and best service. Photo credit: elcomercio.pe