Comala, a Magic Town in Colima

July 01, 2016
Colima is charming, friendly and fresh; a perfect place for exploring the Mexican natural diversity. Cobblestone streets are common in this area providing a colonial environment Comala is a small picturesque town, located up north from Colima. It is also called “pueblito blanco” (white town) since its buildings are painted in white with red tile rooftops, surrounded by gorgeous bougainvillea. In 2002 was got the title of “Pueblo Mágico” (Magic Town) by the Mexican Tourism Board. One of the peculiarities of this town is that it offers incredible views of two of the main volcanoes: Volcán de Fuego and Volcán Nevado de Colima. In the main plaza you will find the Palacio Municipal and San Miguel de Espíritu Santo. Comala is the state’s leading producer of coffee, offering one of the finest ones in the market. Visitors to Comala can visit local coffee plantations for tours and tastings. You can even hire a guide to lead you on horseback. This white town is a great place to start exploring its natural attractions of the region, including Nevado de Colima, Laguna La María if you enjoy birdwatching or hiking, or Los Cañones de Suchitlán to enjoy amazing view of the twin volcanoes. If you find yourself traveling to this amazing destination, reserve your stay at Best Western Hotel Ceballos. Enjoy the environment while relaxing in the best facilities. For more information, visit our website or call 01 800 904 75 00.