How is Christmas Celebrated in Mexico? 3 Places you Have to Visit

November 01, 2016

The holidays are approaching and in Mexico, these are accompanied by great joy and celebration. Due to the diverse cultural influences that our country has been through, Christmas holidays have a unique personality depending on the state where they take place, that is why we bring a list with the states you have to visit this upcoming December.


The fusion between the Purepecha culture and the Spanish culture is present during the Christmas celebrations. Some of the pre-Hispanic traditions that remain until our dates, is the Takari festival, where a dance is performed through various streets of the town, while hay is being sought to make the cradle of the Baby Jesus. Best Western has two properties in the state of Michoacán, Best Western Plus Gran Hotel Morelia and Best Western Posada de Don Vasco, which offer the best facilities and service.

Baja California

Being very close to the US border, in this state you will notice a mix of Mexican and American traditions during the holidays. One of the things not to miss at this time is to visit Hernandez Owan's Christmas House on the corner of Riveroll Street and 13th Street in Ensenada where you will find a house full of Santa Clauses and Christmas lights. Best Western has a hotel in Ensenada: Best Western El Cid and it offers the best hospitality and service for an excellent holiday.


In this state of Mexico a tradition is celebrated called Las Ramas, where the smallest ones make portable altars while singing Christmas songs, all this to celebrate the Virgin of Guadalupe or Baby Jesus (it is the equivalent of “posadas” for children).

Another deeply rooted tradition during the year-end festivities is to disguise a doll as an old man, symbolizing the old year.They leave it at the entrance of their houses until the 12 bells are finished. Best Western has a presence in the Yucatecan state with one property in Merida: Best Western Maya Yucatán.

Now that you know a little more about Mexico's Christmas traditions, venture out and experience each of these celebrations. For more information about our properties, call 01 800 904 7500.