La Calaca Festival in San Miguel de Allende

October 07, 2016
This festival is perfect for those travelers that like to immerse new traditions at the same they want to encounter the present atmosphere of the city. La Calaca Festival is a hotspot of San Miguel’s art and music scene, it brings together different art installations and organizations, as well as local businesses to present to foreigners the vibrant environment if such a lovely destination. The events of the festival take place in different venues all over the city, giving the opportunity to tour and get to know better this place. Daytime events are focused in cultural activities, such as live art installations, creative workshops, visits to cemeteries and traditional altars. At night, you will find musical performances, parades, and costumed processions. One of the most characteristical events is the Catrina Parade, which was created by Rancho Los Labradores (a community located outside town). Fourteen years ago, the patriarch at the ranch, noticed that Halloween was overshadowing the Day of the Death; therefore he and several friends started giving candy only to the kids disguised as a catrina and catrín; a day after a male escort accompanied the Catrina as a form of parade. Later on, the Catrina parade became super important and was opened up to anyone who wanted to join, including locals, visitors and expats. It is estimated that more than 400 people will be joining this year’s parade. The festival goes on an entire week,  If you plan to learn more about the Day of the Dead, stay at Best Western Plus Plaza Florida & Tower, only an hour from San Miguel de Allende, and know the great Mexican hospitality. For more information, call 01800 904 7500. Photo credit: Así sucede Gto.