New Year Traditions in Mexico

November 01, 2016

Around the world, New Year is synonymous of renewal and new beginnings, perhaps because you have the opportunity to meet with your loved ones and remember the important moments of the year that ends.

In Mexico the celebration of New Year is very similar to Christmas Eve. The whole family meets to have dinner, it consists of turkey or pork, accompanied by wine and other entrees like salad, romeritos, cod or mashed potatoes. It is believed that eating pork is augured for abundance for the following year (myth present since the time of the Egyptians).

At midnight, you eat 12 grapes (one for each ringing bell); it is the most popular tradition on New Year's Eve. At the rhythm of the bells, you must think of 12 wishes that you want to be fulfilled next year. In some families, it is still a tradition to go to Misa de Gallo as a way of thanking for the blessings obtained in the old year.

Due to the great cultural diversity of our country, each state has its own tradition to celebrate New Year. The Yucatan disguises a doll like an old man, put it on the street waiting for the end of the old year, and at midnight, they burn it. In Michoacán is celebrated the old year with a burning of old things on December 31st. In Veracruz there is a popular party where the main street is divided with music of the whole republic: danzón, mariachi, banda, etc. In Oaxaca it is a tradition to break old clay dishes symbolizing the idea of ​​throwing the old to give space to new things.

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