The Best Cities to Celebrate the Day of the Dead

September 30, 2016
There is nothing more Mexican than the celebration of the Day of the Dead, one of the traditions that identify us in the world, besides having a strong indigenous roots that worships our departed loved ones. It is celebrated in every corner of Mexico, but there are certain cities that you cannot miss during this festivity because it is one of the most important days in their calendar. Below, we list the most recognized cities during the Day of the Dead season. Mexico City The capital is filled with colorful flowers during this season. One of the best places to know this tradition is the “Barrio Mágico” in Mixquic, located in southeast area of the city. On the 1st and 2nd of November, the cemetery of San Andres dresses up to honor every soul, you will find music and the traditional contest of Calaveras (a form of expression that narrates the life of a deceased individual). Another place worth visiting is the Museo Dolores Olmeda in Xochimilco, which every year showcases incredible altars to venerate the craftsmanship of our country. Patzcuaro Here the celebration to the deceased is very special, the meaning is somewhat similar to the rest of the country only that people here give a deeper meaning to existence, while they meet with the souls of ancestors. The communities of Purepechas (natives of the region) believe that the soul of the deceased visit our world the whole month, so at the beginning of November, the offering is placed and the altar is adorned with food, fruits and flowers to farewell their beloved ones. Puebla It is distinguished by its beautiful altars that are created during this time. Most altars are white, fusing the indigenous tradition with the Catholicism in the Holy Thursday. Each element in the altar encloses a deep meaning, representing the underworld, the sky and the celestial summit. Mexico is a country full of places and traditions to know. If you plan to learn more about the Day of the Dead, stay at any Best Western hotel and know the great Mexican hospitality. For more information, call 7500 904 01800. Photo Credit: Portavox