The Best Tourist Attractions in Guatemala

August 23, 2016
Guatemala is the best destination for those looking to the best of the Old & New Worlds, the country’s main characteristic is its mix between the Spanish Colonial Era and the native Mayan people. The varied history and the landscapes’ natural beauty have merged as one of the prettiest places to visit in Central America; therefore, we have gathered a list with the best tourist attractions in Guatemala. PARQUE CENTRAL DE QUETZALTENANGO                                                                               This place has served as the city center and the main cultural spot for ages. Since the city is situated between three volcanoes, this place offers a peculiar vibe and beauty to this area. This city is also home to Fuentes Georginas, the natural sulfur springs. VOLCAN PACAYA Located a few kilometers from Antigua, it is an active volcano where you can practice hiking. If you are planning on visiting this stunning place, set aside an entire day for this unforgettable journey. CHICHICASTENANGO MARKET Often called Chichi, this is the most important shopping place in Guatemala. Located three hours from the capital, it is home of the most amazing native market in Central America. You will find a tremendous number of local products, from fabrics and textiles to clothing, pottery and wood-crafted items. TIKAL This is one of the top tourist attractions in Guatemala. It is splendor times; it was home to a quarter million of people. This Mayan ruins are surrounded by a large wildlife full of monkeys, parrots, deer and macaws. LAGO DE ATITLÁN Named by the British writer, Aldous Huxley, the most beautiful lake in the world; this place offers an incredible exhibition of natural flora and fauna. In order to enter this place, you must pass the city of Pananajachel, a place that transport you to the indigenous world of the Mayans. Photo credit: Las mejores atracciones turísticas de Guatemala Foto: