The Virgin Of Candelaria

January 16, 2017

Every February 2nd the people of Tlacotalpan Veracruz celebrate with dances and prayers to the patron saint of the town: The Virgin of Candelaria. This celebration better known as the Festival of Candelaria or Feast of Light has its origin in Tenerife, Spain in memory of the presentation of the baby Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem.

This tradition is celebrated every year, the people of this village, mostly fishermen, carry their faith and devotion to this Virgin, who for them represents the candles or light in their path. First, the Mañanitas is sung in the Cathedral, then The Virgin is escorted with a cavalcade throughout the town, later it is transferred in a boat through the Papaloapan river, where fishermen and families pray her for a year of good fishing.

In the village there is a great celebration with dances and songs typical of that region. The women dress in traditional Veracruz dress, lace, jewelry, and fans. The music and drinks delight visitors from all over the world who also join this great celebration.

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