What to eat in Chihuahua, México

June 15, 2016
Chihuahua’s food is, without any doubt, one of the richest in Mexico. If you plan to visit this state or you are just a foodie, we bring you this list of unmissable dishes that you must try. Discada This dish is typical from people of the farm. It combines various meats, sausages, tomatoes, onions, peppers and chilies, and it is seasoned with cumin and some beer. As it is one of the oldest regional dishes, each family has its own version of this recipe. Caldo de Oso Meaning “Bear Stew”, This delicious soup is made from red chili and pieces of pescado. It widely used to cure hangover. Machaca For those who do not know what it is, it is simply dry shredded beef. It can be mixed with scrambled egg, tomato, onion and chili. It is widely served with flour tortillas for breakfast, along with avocado slices and a side of refried beans. Rayadas de Parral It is a round sweet bread with a white stripe along it. It is made based on wheat flour and bran, along with brown sugar and anise. Tesguino This drink is made from fermented corn. Grass is added to accelerate fermentation and has the appearance of a thick liquid with a bitter taste. This drink has a low alcohol content and is one of the most traditional in the Tarahumara community. Masara This state is distinguished as one of the leading apple producers in the country. This apple liqueur is artisanal and locally produced in the region of Guerrero in the state of Chihuahua. Now you know what typical food to try when visiting Chihuahua. To feel the warmth and hospitality of the people of this state, stay at either of our two properties in this region: Best Western Mirador in Chihuahua and Best Western The Lodge at Creel Hotel & Spa. For more information, visit the pages of Best Western Mirador in Chihuahua and The Lodge at Creel Hotel & Spa or call 7500 01800904. Photo credit: www.turiméxico.com