What to eat when visiting Colima?

July 01, 2016
The traditional Colima food is characterized by a particular style, you just need to try some snacks from Villa de Alvarez, which are small tortillas with ground beef, tomato sauce, and on top they put sliced ​​radishes and fresh cheese. Another typical dish is the dry pozole, where corn and meat are cooked at the same time and in the same pot. If you like something even more exotic, I recommend the tatemado (pork in coconut vinegar and cooked in red chile), la pepena (stewed viscera) and cuchala (hominy with shredded chicken). Now, if you still have room for one more dish, try the tamales called leg mule, made with beans and wrapped in corn husks, you will also find meat and corn tamales. In addition, this state has a variety of cheeses and dairy products such as cheese ranchero, panela and cream. If you are visiting Colima within their rainy season taste delicious jackals, river shrimp are prepared in broth, butter and garlic sauce. Moyos are delicious, they consist of cooked crab. If you are near a beach, be sure to try a fish covered with chopped vegetables size, wrapped in banana leaves and roasted in the coals. And something you have to try is Cuba, which is a drink that is derived from the coconut palm, fermented and carved and sold on the streets, it is served with peanuts inside a cup. The tejuino is also something characteristic of the area, drink produced from corn, brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon, salt and crushed ice. Undoubtedly, Colima is an excellent state to enjoy a gastronomic tour, plus it is a tourist destination that offers many natural attractions. If you are planning to visit Colima, stay at the hotel that offers unparalleled service, Best Western Hotel Ceballos. For more information, visit our website or call 01 800 904 7500.